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Music Practice Pro

This app I designed to make my own practice routine more efficient. It aims to be an all-in-one practice app, complete with metronome, audio recording, library, goals list, and tracking of how much you practice each day. It organizes your practice session and gives you sections to work on, according to when your concerts are, when you’ve last practiced, and how well you know each piece.[/promotion_box] [/one_half] [one_half last=”yes” style=”margin-bottom:50px”][promotion_box full_width=”no” bg_color=”#000000″ bg_img=”” css=””]

Notes War

This is a game I created for my beginning and early-intermediate piano students. The kids get drawn into the game and don’t notice that they’re busy learning their notes along the way. Beginning students can learn their notes from scratch, and intermediate students can play the game at a more advanced level and can improve their sightreading skill.  I’ve even played the game myself when I’m bored at the airport (if you set it to the fastest level, it’s challenging even for professional musicians – it’s like playing a regular card game).[/promotion_box] [/one_half] [one_fourth last=”no” style=”margin-bottom:50px”][/one_fourth][one_half last=”no” style=”margin-bottom:50px”] [promotion_box full_width=”no” bg_color=”#382d7b” bg_img=”” css=””]

Thanks for checking out my new musical apps! I hope you enjoy them, and please do feel free to email me with suggestions or comments!

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