• Beginning students: Move past the slow and frustrating early stages of learning to read notes. Choose the specific set of notes you want to practice.
  • Intermediate: Build speed reading music so you can learn new pieces much more quickly
  • Advanced students: See a dramatic improvement in your sightreading
  • Professional musicians: Notes War is a regular card game – set the computer to its fastest speed and see if you can still beat the game!

Students have a choice of learning:

  • Treble Clef – violin, trumpet, flute, and more
  • Bass Clef – cello, bassoon, trombone
  • Grand Staff – piano, harp

Learn to read music quickly!

Based on the card game Snap, Notes War is a fun and easy way for students to improve their music skills.  It’s geared primarily towards students age 5-12, but younger or older students will also find it fun and challenging.


This app was designed and created by Christine Payne, a Juilliard graduate.

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